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Motor private Car Insurance Policy

Life is one great balancing act. As you set to get the best out of life, you do encounter life’s little road blocks like accidents & thefts. The best way to handle them is to just move ahead and enjoy the journey. With SBI General’s Private Car Insurance Policy- Package, you can be in control and enjoy the journey no matter whatever little road blocks that life throws at you.

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A few details to start with

More details about Motor private Car Insurance Policy

The Policy is designed to cover the compulsory Third Party Liability as required by Motor Vehicle Act, together with loss or damage to vehicle itself. The Policy also provides cover for:

For an additional premium, provides the following:

  • Legal Liability towards paid driver & employee
  • Personal Accident to Owner Driver
  • Coverage of CNG/ LPG kit
  • Depreciation Reimbursement
  • Protection of NCB
  • Return to Invoice
  • Cover for Key Replacement
  • Loss of Personal Belongings

This policy is designed to cover the compulsory third party liability as required by Motor Vehicle Act, together with loss or damage to vehicle itself.

Third Party Liability: Protect against any legal liability arising out of the use of the vehicle, towards third parties arising due to bodily injury to/ death of a person and any damage caused to third party property.

Loss or Damage to the Vehicle: The policy covers against any loss or damage caused to the vehicle or its accessories due to the following:

  • Fire, Explosion, Self Ignition, accidental damage by external means
  • Any damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator, or air.
  • Lightning, Earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, rockslide.
  • Burglary, Theft, riot, strike, malicious act & terrorist activity.

  • All Vehicles are insured at a fixed value called Insured Declared Value (IDV)
  • IDV is calculated on the basis of manufacturer’s listed selling price of the vehicle (plus the listed price of any accessories) after deducting the depreciation for every year as per the schedule mentioned below:

Age of the Vehicle %age of Depreciation
Not exceeding 6 months 5%
Exceeding 6 months but not exceeding 1 Year 15%
Exceeding 1 Year but not exceeding 2 Years 20%
Exceeding 2 Years but not exceeding 3 Years 30%
Exceeding 3 Years but not exceeding 4 Years 40%
Exceeding 4 Years but not exceeding 5 Years 50%

For vehicles ageing more than 5 years and of obsolete models of vehicle (i.e. models which the manufacturers have discontinued to manufacture) is to be determined on the basis of an understanding between the insurer and the insured.

If the price of any electrical and/ or electronic items installed in the vehicle is not included in the manufacturer’s listed selling price, then the actual value (after depreciation) of this item can be added to the sum insured over and above the IDV.

In case of vehicle fitted with Bi-fuel system such as Petrol/ Diesel and CNG/ LPG, permitted by the concerned RTO, the CNG/ LPG kit fitted to the vehicle is to be insured separately at an additional premium of 4% on the value of such kit. You need to specifically declare this in proposal form.

Additional covers available on payment of additional premium: Enhanced Personal Accident Cover to

  • Owner Driver of the vehicle: Motor tariff provides compulsory personal accident cover of Rs 200,000 for individual owners (available only if the owner of the vehicle holds a valid driving license) of the vehicle while driving. On Payment of additional premium you can opt for higher limits than prescribed in Tariff. Maximum Limit is Rs 5,000,000.
  • Unnamed Passengers: Occupants of the vehicle are covered for Personal Accident for a maximum capital sum insured of Rs 200,000 per person as per tariff. On payment of additional premium you may now opt for higher limits than prescribed in tariff. Maximum limit is Rs 2,500,000 per person.
  • Paid Driver: Tariff provides for personal accident cover of INR 200,000 for paid driver. On payment of additional premium you can opt for higher limits than prescribed in Tariff. Maximum Limit is INR 500,000.

Depreciation Reimbursement: In an event of a claim for losses other than Total Loss/ Theft of the vehicle claim shall be paid after providing for Depreciation as per scale mentioned below:

For All Rubber/ Nylon/ Plastic Parts/ tyres & tubes/ batteries & airbags- 50%

All fibre glass components- 30%

All other parts including wooden parts is as per below schedule

Age of the Vehicle % of Depreciation
Not Exceeding 6 months NIL
Exceeding 6 months but not exceeding 1 Year 5%
Exceeding 1 Year but not exceeding 2 Years 10%
Exceeding 2 Years but not exceeding 3 Years 15%
Exceeding 3 Years but not exceeding 4 Years 25%
Exceeding 4 Years but not exceeding 5 Years 35%
Exceeding 5 Years but not exceeding 10 Years 40%
Exceeding 10 Years 50%

On payment of additional premium the company will indemnify you without deduction of depreciation as mentioned above on parts replaced in respect of approved partial loss claim.

Protection of NCB: No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a discount earned by you for a claim free completed year as per below schedule.

All Types of Vehicle % of discount on Own Damage Premium
No Claim made or pending during the preceding full year of insurance 20%
No Claim made or pending during the preceding 2 consecutive years of insurance 25%
No Claim made or pending during the preceding 3 consecutive years of insurance 35%
No Claim made or pending during the preceding 4 consecutive years of Insurance 45%
No claim made for pending during the preceding 5 consecutive years of insurance 50%

In case you lodge a claim in the policy your NCB will go back to 0%. On payment of additional premium company will maintain the No Claim Bonus on renewal subject to following:

  • The vehicle is renewed with us
  • There was only single such claim lodged in the entire policy period.
  • The insured vehicle is repaired in Company’s authorized garage

Return to Invoice: In case of constructive total loss and/ or theft of the vehicle you will be paid IDV as mentioned in the schedule in a motor policy. IDV is depreciated value derived from selling price of the vehicle. On payment of additional premium, the company will pay the financial shortfall, between IDV and

  • purchase price of the vehicle as confirmed in the invoice or
  • current replacement price of new vehicle, whichever is less.

The company will also reimburse the first time registration charges and road tax which the insured had incurred on the insured vehicle. This cover is available for vehicle ageing up to 2 years old.

Cover for Key Replacement: On payment of additional premium company will reimburse the cost of replacing vehicle keys which are lost or stolen or the vehicle lock is broken at the time of burglary or attempted burglary.

  • The replacement should be carried out in a company authorized garage
  • Each such replacement claim shall be subject to 10% co- share of the total cost of replacement- subject to minimum of Rs 500 by the insured
  • Maximum Limit: Rs 65000

Loss of Personal Belongings: On payment of additional premium company will make an allowance to the insured for loss of personal belongings of insured caused by perils as per policy wording.

  • Personal belongings for the purpose of this endorsement means, item such as clothes and other articles of personal nature likely to be worn by the insured including Jewellery and/ or used or carried by him like Mobile, Laptop, Audio/ Video Tapes, CDs but excludes money, securities, cheques, bank drafts, debit or credit cards, travel tickets, paintings, curios, and items of similar nature.
  • The maximum amount payable under this policy is Rs 50000 during the policy period. Each claim is subject to a deductible of Rs 5000 for Laptop and Jewelleries and Rs 2500 for mobiles & Rs 500 for the rest.

Engine Guard: On payment of additional premium this section covers loss or damages to internal child parts of the engine and/ or gear box due to:

  • Water ingression
  • Leakage of lubricating oil due to accidental external means

Cover for Consumables: On payment of additional premium this section covers expenses incurred by you towards consumable items due to damage to vehicle arising out of perils covered under the policy. Consumables include nut and bolt, screw, washers, grease, lubricants clips, Gear box oil, AC gas, bearings, distilled water, engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter and break oil.

Inconvenience Allowance: On payment of additional premium we will pay cash allowance of Rs 1000, 2000, or 3000 per day as opted for maximum of 10 days in the event of an accident of the vehicle & time require for repair is more than 3 days. This cover is applicable on 1st two claims lodged during the policy period. Such approved repairs to be carried out at Company’s authorized garage.

Hospital Cash Cover: On payment of additional premium you can avail daily hospital cash cover for:

Insured Benefit Limit
Owner Driver Rs 1000- Rs 5000 per day
Paid Driver Rs 1000- Rs 2000 per day
Unnamed Passengers Rs 1000- Rs 5000 per day

Road Side Assistance: If anything happens to your vehicle, remain assured that we will be just a call away. With road side assistance cover, you can avail assistance anytime & anywhere. With road side assistance service you can avail following benefits:

  • Towing assistance in case of mechanical & electrical breakdown as well as due to accident
  • Flat Tyre
  • Dead Battery
  • Keys Locked In
  • Contamination/ Incorrect or running out of fuel
  • Urgent Message Relay- Facilitate passing on urgent message to relatives/ colleagues as needed during emergency.

No Claim Bonus: If you do not make a claim during the policy period, a No Claim Bonus (NCB) is offered on renewals. This discount can go as high as 50%. (NCB will be allowed provided the policy is renewed within 90 days of the expiry of date of previous policy). Transfer of NCB: You can transfer full value of NCB when you shift your motor insurance policy from another company.

Other Discounts: Voluntary deductible discount: A further discount on the premium is available if you opt for a voluntary deductible in addition to the compulsory deductible. (All Policies carry Compulsory deductible amount which is deducted from the claim amount payable)

We would like you to be familiar with some of the major exclusion under the policy. This will ensure you are not put to any kind of inconvenience while making your claim. At SBI General, we endeavour to make our policy as transparent as possible.

Any loss or damage to the vehicle and/ or its accessories will not be covered if caused by the following:

  • Normal Wear, tear and general ageing of the vehicle
  • Depreciation & Consequential Losses
  • Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown
  • Vehicle being used otherwise than in accordance with limitation as to use
  • Damage to/ by a person driving the vehicle without a valid driving license
  • Damage to/ by a person driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs & liquor.
  • Loss or damage due to War, mutiny or nuclear risks

The Company shall not be liable under this policy for -

  • Accident resulting from Suicide, attempted suicide (whether sane or insane) or intentionally self-inflicted injury, mental or nervous disorder.
  • Accident arising out of and in the course of employment in any branch of the Military or Armed Forces of any country, whether in peace or War.
  • Accident while being under the influence or abuse of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants or hallucinogens unless properly prescribed by a physician and taken as prescribed
  • Participation in an actual or attempted felony, riot, crime, misdemeanour, or civil commotion
  • Accident during air travel except as a fare paying passenger on a recognized airline or charter aircraft
  • Accident while operating or learning to operate any aircraft or ship, or performing duties as a member of the crew on any aircraft or ship.
  • Any accident/loss arising out of War, civil war, invasion, insurrection, revolution, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether War be declared or not), rebellion, mutiny, use of military power or usurpation of government or military power;
  • Any injury caused by, contributed to, by or arising from nuclear ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste or from the combustion of nuclear fuel (including any self-sustaining process of nuclear fission) or nuclear weapons material or nuclear equipment or any part of that equipment
  • The dispersal or application of pathogenic or poisonous biological or chemical materials; The release of pathogenic or poisonous biological or chemical materials, or Congenital anomalies or any complications or conditions arising there from
  • Participation in winter sports, skydiving/parachuting, hand gliding, bungee jumping, scuba diving, ballooning, mountain climbing (where ropes or guides are customarily used), all forms of skiing (including but not limited to snow or water), riding or driving in races or rallies using a motorized vehicle or bicycle, caving or pot-holing, hunting or equestrian activities, skin diving or other underwater activity, rafting or canoeing involving white water rapids, yachting or boating outside coastal waters (2 miles), participation in any Professional Sports, any bodily contact sport or/and any other hazardous or potentially dangerous sport for which You are untrained.
  • Any loss resulting directly or indirectly, contributed or aggravated or prolonged by childbirth or from pregnancy,
  • Committing breach of law with criminal intent.
  • Loss caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly by infections (except pyogenic infections which shall occur through an Accidental cut or wound) or any other kind of Disease.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature, for more details on complete coverage and terms & conditions, please read the policy document carefully before concluding a sale.